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Google Doodle Of Zora Neale Huston Drives Online Search

-- Central Florida's Zora Neale Hurston was honored on Tuesday by Google in its daily doodle atgoogle.com. Hurston was born Jan. 7, 1891 in Alabama. Her family moved to Eatonville when she was three, but claimed more the city as her birthplace.The http://allthesocialnet.com/ZCALaurin city of Eatonville celebrates Hurston's life annually with the Zora Neale Hurston festival in February. Hurston wrote several novels, including "Their Eyes this link Were Watching God," which is mostly set in Eatonville. For more information on the festival, visittheir website here. Who do you think Google should feature in its next Google Doodle?
Full story: http://www.11alive.com/rss/article/318093/40/Google-Doodle-of-Zora-Neale-Huston-drives-online-search

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