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Movie Curiosities: The Wolf Of Wall Street

Matthew McConaughey only appears for a couple of scenes at the beginning, but thats enough for him to steal the whole show. Margot Robbie came out of nowhere to prove that shes an incredibly sexy young A-lister (or B-plus-lister at least) just waiting to happen. The movie also features brief yet visit memorable turns from Rob Reiner, Jon Favreau, Jake Hoffman, Joanna Lumley, Jean Dujardin, Spike Jonze, the list goes on and on. I guess thats one of the perks of being someone like Martin Scorsese: Theres no such thing as a dream cast. You pick the talent you want, you put in the call, they say yes. Speaking of which, Scorsese did a phenomenal job of directing this picture. For one thing, he was able to keep all this mayhem coherent and entertaining for three Kardashian hours, which is no small achievement. Secondly, he did a superb job of presenting all the financial backdoor dealings in a way that any layman could follow.
Full story: http://www.chud.com/147996/movie-curiosities-the-wolf-of-wall-street/

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