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Ellen Degeneres Is Utterly Charming In The First Oscars Trailer

Instead, she puts her own stamp on the Oscars:cheerful, wholesome, energetic, andeager to please. After MacFarlane's "edgy" schtick, DeGeneres may feel like a safe choice -- an angle the trailer pushes by showing Ellen doing an old-fashioned song-and-dance routine in her familiar Converse kicks. She also displays her appealing squareness with a few seconds of the now-stale"Gangnam Style" dance -- she's about as hip as your mom, and she wants you to main page know it. But DeGeneres' friendly accessibility belies the fact that she's a much more Farrah Abraham provocative andsubversive host than MacFarlane could ever hope to be. The comedian and talk-show host is only the second female and the first openly gay emcee in the Oscars' 84-year history. And the awards Farrah news ceremony enjoys a global audience, making DeGeneres America's ambassador to the world -- a honor and responsibility all-too-rarely entrusted to a gay woman. Needless to say, DeGeneres makes us much more excited about the Oscars than we'd be otherwise. We'll be rooting for her.
Full story: http://blogs.indiewire.com/womenandhollywood/ellen-degeneres-is-utterly-charming-in-the-first-oscars-trailer

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